Hands On Recovery

Soft Tissue therapy provided by Claire Lee (LSSM Dip, MISRM)

Soft tissue therapy is a combination of sport and remedial massage and established osteopathic and massage techniques. It is recommended not only to treat injuries but also to be used as part of your muscle maintenance routine, whether you are an athlete, office worker or suffer from debilitating condition.

The goal of treatment is for the individual to continue their activities pain and injury free.

Based in Brentwood Essex and Benfleet working alongside Physiotherapists providing;
Injury assessment
Advanced treatment techniques

Remedial and exercise advice to;
Enhance recovery
Prevent injury
Improve posture and function

Massage Therapy is a highly effective form of stress control, pain relief and relaxation.

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Remedial Massage

The first stage of any treatment is to identify the root cause of the problem so this can be worked on and the pain eased.
A structured approach will be used to assess a problem by giving a thorough assessment of posture, joints and the muscular skeletal system.
A range of massage and advanced soft tissue techniques will be selected from to treat the problem.

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Kinesio Taping

We use ‘Rock Tape’ a brand of Kinesio Tape to help with a wide variety of muscular skeletal and sporting injuries and to achieve the following;
Reduce Swelling, pain, tightness, stiffness, delay of muscle fatigue and cramp. Rocktape is engineered to mimic human skin,
it can stretch up 180% its original length but has amazing ‘snap back’ or recovery.

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release treats fascia which is a connective tissue which is under the surface of our skin and surrounding our muscles.
Fascia provides support and protection for the muscles.

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