Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release treats fascia which is a connective tissue which is under the surface of our skin and surrounding our muscles. Fascia provides support and protection for the muscles.
Myofascial Release
Fascia can become restricted due to being repetitively held in a shortened position through postural or occupational factors and it gradually becomes set in a tight restricted position. The fascia hydration and circulation decreases and restricts functional movement and posture.

The application of myofascial release engages the restricted tense myofascial tissue. The therapist uses a slow force to slowly stretch, elongate and mobilize the restricted fascia until release occurs which increases hydration to the fascia and improves mobility to the muscles.


IASTM is a simple, non-invasive form of manual therapy to manipulate or mobilise the soft tissue structures of the human body. IASTM is becoming increasingly popular these days among both practitioners and patients alike due to its remarkable safety and efficacy profile. The therapy is non-aggressive, yet effective, and can be applied either alone or in conjunction with supplementary exercises and additional modalities.

The procedure uses instruments to mechanically stimulate soft tissue structures to relieve musculoskeletal pain and discomfort and improve overall mobility and function.