Late December 2017 and early 2018 has been a very busy time for me. I am now working full time at Benfleet Physiotherapy and its great to be back and being part of a multi-disciplinary clinic, with a team of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists, Neurological Physiotherapist, Sports Injury Scientists, Gym and Rehabilitation Staff.

Over the last few months I have been studying hard to increase my soft tissue skills and this will continue for 2018. During December 2017 I attended Oxford Sports University to study Acupuncture and after sucessfully completing the course and case study I am delighted to announce that I now hold a qualification in Acupuncture for Sport. I have been seeing great responses in clinic especially for neck and shoulder injuries.

Late January this year I completed a course in Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation. I am now qualified to conduct the following manipulation techniques; Cervical Articulation, Cervical Thoracic Junction, Thoracic, Rib, & Lumber. I have experienced positive results in clinic with these techniques especially patients with chronic stiffness and especially a patient who has been suffering with chronic Costochondritis, which is inflammation of the costal cartilage, the structure that connects each rib to the sternum at the costosternal joint. The condition is a common cause of chest pain. Following mobilisation of the Ribs along with myofascial release of the intercostals the patient reports to be pain free following treatment and carrying out her home remedial exercise program.

I am sure many of you following the festive season are working hard to keep those new year fitness resolutions going and have planned challenging goals for 2018. Whether you are competing in a fun run, tough mudder challenge, marathon, triathlon, or cycle event / race, remember soft tissue therapy is an important part of your journey, helping you keep your body in good shape as you work towards your goal. I have seen too many patients in clinic who leave aches and pain hoping they will go away only to leave it until the symptoms are worse, impacting their performance and then disrupts their training regime.

You spend time on maintaining your car and house, surely your body is the most important to maintain?


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