Remedial Massage

Life demands can take a toll on our bodies. We can suffer aches and pains and injury from postural issues, occupational injury, some medical conditions, disabilities, emotional stress or lifestyle factors.


Remedial massage can help by

Improve general circulation When muscles and soft tissues are damaged or tight blood circulation is restricted the natural healing process is delayed as muscles and tissues are deprived of vital nutrients and energy required for repair. The effect of the pumping massage strokes stimulates the circulation and increases blood supply to the cells of the body. This provides oxygen and nutrients essential for growth and repair speeding up healing processes.

Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow
The lymphatic system is the body’s natural defence system defending the body against infection. Our immune system and relies on muscle contraction to pump interstitial fluid in the tissues. Being inactive due to injury, disability or a medical condition can reduce the circulation of interstitial fluid in the tissues. Increase of the amount of interstitial fluid in the tissues causes the limbs to become puffy and restricted. Massage can stimulate this flow speeding up recovery and repair and removal of toxins and waste products.

Offers remedies for life stresses and emotional factors by reducing stress and tension Non physical stress can effect the body and lead to ohysical symptoms like headaches, digestive problems (IBS) and muscle aches. Massage increases positive sensory input by stimulating the nervous system which reduces tension, calms the nerves, reduces anxiety and stimulates digestion. This gives a sense of relaxation and well being

Relieve and cure symptoms of chromic occupational and postural muscle tissue fatigue By improving posture and muscle alignment – Massage treatment can identify muscle compensation and adjustment. Treatment will release areas of tension and work with the patient to strengthen areas of weakness. Many people lead very sedentary lifestyles and for health reasons are advised to do exercise. Many recreational or amateur athletes throw themselves into exercise without giving a thought to technique, posture or volume of activity and some do too much too soon which results into tissue problems. During a massage treatment the therapist will give posture and exercise conditioning advice in order the client can lead a healthy lifestyle based on a unique understanding of conditions of the muscular tissues

Injury Prevention
Massage can provide early identification of the element of our job or lifestyle that is causing a problem and treatment can be applied so the patient can continue free of discomfort and injury.

Relieve muscular aches and pains
By using different soft tissue techniques to treat problem areas.
Improve tissue flexibility and range of movement – by using stretching techniques which normal functional stretching may not be able to do.

Break down scar tissue
Scar tissue is a good thing it develops as part of the healing process. However excessive amounts of scar tissue can develop when there is too much chronic inflammation. Scar tissue can stick muscle fibres together and become hard like bone this can effect muscle, tendons and ligaments which can lead to inflexible tissues that will be prone to further injury and pain. friction techniques can break down and remodel scar tissue which can affect muscle function